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Is "American Made" really that important?

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Made in the U.S.A...

It's not a phrase that is well known anymore. Go to any department store and start looking at the tags: Vietnam, Taiwan, Honduras, Mexico, and oh yes, we can't forget the big "C" word....China. It seems we as Americans don't mind getting our stuff from somewhere else. But where are all the American made products?

There are still some companies that make products here: Justin makes some boots here, as well as, Thorogood and Carolina. I try to make sure we have plenty of American made footwear on our webstore. But, unlike the stuff made in China, American made footwear doesn't sell as well. Why? Price. American made boots cost consumers more than the chinese products because of the cost to make these items. American workers want higher wages, better benefits, insurance, vacation pay, sick leave, and so on. All of these demands cost the shoe companies money which reflects in the cost of retailers such as WorkGear.com and the Workingman's Store. That cost must be passed on to the consumer in the price of the boots. 

When you buy American, you are supporting American jobs, American workers, and American families. We at WorkGear.com believe in American made. That's why we put as many American made products on our webstore that we can. 

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