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Are You Their Most Important Customer?

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Online shopping is becoming huge in today's society. Everyone in the United States has either shopped online or knows someone who has. Let's face it, we all do it, including myself. One thing that always surprised me is the customer service, or lack of, that the company running the site demonstrated. There is nothing more frustrating than trusting a stranger with your credit card information, relying on them to process your order, ship your merchandise to you and then have them treat you as if you don't matter when you have to call them. 

So when I took over operations of WorkGear.com, I made it a point to treat each and every customer like they were my most important customer... that's because they were. WorkGear.com is a division of a small, family-owned business. Our call center is my cubicle. Our distribution center is the back room of our main store. Simply put, I AM WorkGear.com. It's me and only me. If the webstore fails, I fail. That's why when a customer places an order on WorkGear.com, my customer is my only customer. 

You see, customer service has always been a top priority for my company. We aren't the biggest and we aren't the cheapest. What we do is take care of our customers in hopes they will be a repeat customer. And we have lots of repeat customers! 

So, the next time you shop online, try to pay attention to your entire shopping experience and how you are treated. Ask yourself "Am I their most important customer?"

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