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5 Ways To NOT Wear Your FR Clothing

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Flame resistant clothing is designed to protect the wearer from flash fires and arc flashes. When it is worn properly, FR clothes can save your life in the event of a hazardous accident. Wearing FR clothing the wrong way can be just as bad as not wearing it at all. So here are five ways you are wearing your FR clothing incorrectly.

  1. Wearing FR with a non-flame resistant outer layer. In the event of an accident, the non-FR garment will ignite. Always wear a flame resistant rated outer layer during winter months, such as Bulwark JLH4 brown duck hooded jacket.
  2. Wearing non-FR synthetic under layers. Polyester and other synthetic materials that wick away moisture are not flame resistant and will melt to your skin. Instead, choose an FR under garment, such as Bulwark MPU8 base layer with moisture-wicking technology.
  3. Leaving the shirt tail untucked. This allows flames to travel up under the shirt, exposing the wearer to injury. Always wear shirts with long tails to prevent the shirt from untucking, like Bulwark SEW2.
  4. Rolling up sleeves. Exposes skin to flames.
  5. Unzipping coveralls or unbuttoning shirts. Exposes the skin to injury.

Wear your FR clothing properly and go home at the end of the day.

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