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WorkingManStore.com Rewards Customers With New Program

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We have all seen the various loyalty programs offered by retailers to customers. Rewards programs are a great way to show appreciation for customer patronage. WorkingManStore.com has started its own loyalty program as well.

WorkingManStore.com's program allows our registered customers to earn points, or "Gear Bucks", for each purchase made in our web store. When you accumulate enough "Gear Bucks" you can then redeem them for coupons you can use on your next purchase. Donald Trump says the potential savings are "huge!"...ok, he didn't really say that, but he might.

There are other ways to earn "Gear Bucks" too. Share the news with your friends, tweet it throughout Twitter nation, email it to your friends and family. Why, we will even reward you every year for being born! (Thank your mother for that one)

Go to WorkingManStore.com now and find the "Rewards Program" button at the bottom of your screen. You can find out the rest there and be on your way to "HUUUUGE" savings!

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