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Timberland Pro 89628 Boondock - Featured Product

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Something I have wanted to do for some time now is feature various products that WorkGear.com offers. So, sitting here on our boot truck, I decided to feature a safety toe boot that has become quite popular on our website and in our stores...the Timberland Pro Boondock.

Timberland Pro 89628 Boondock 8" Composite Toe

Since we began selling this boot last year, it has become insanely popular with the various industries in the region. in fact, it's the boot I go to when I'm asked what is the most comfortable boot I have on board. It's comfort has yet to be matched by other boots, in my opinion of course.

Now before I go any further, I want to let everyone know that I am not being paid to say these things about Timberland Pro or the Boondock. I do not work for Timberland Pro. Their brand is one of many I sell everyday. However, I AM a Timberland Pro wearer and I like the brand overall. If you want a comfortable pair of work boots you can't go wrong with a pair of Timberland Pros on your feet!

But the Boondock line is the luxury car of the brand...plain and simple. So, I wanted to tell everyone what I like (and dislike) about the Timberland Pro so you all can make an informed decision to buy or not.


The leather - It is soft and feels like it has been already broken in.

Comfort - You can not beat the Anti-Fatigue footbed technology that Timberland Pro has put into these boots!

Roomy toe box - Two words....wiggle. room. There's plenty of it in the Boondock.

Tread - The outsole is designed to flex in freezing conditions and grip the surface to prevent slipping.

Speed lace option - You can choose whether you want to speed lace or lace through the eyelets.


Weight - They are a bit on the heavy side but once you put them on you won't even notice...(they are that comfortable!)

Price - The boot is pricey so don't get sticker shocked when you see it but price should never affect your decision on quality.

Toe protector - I don't particularly care for the look of the toe protector but if you are crawling around a lot and tend to scuff up the toes of your boots, then the toe protectors will help.

The simple truth is this: If you ask me what boot I recommend for comfort, it will always be the Timberland Pro Boondock

Get yourself a pair and then you decide...

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