Anchorage Mansion

Anchorage Mansion: Marietta’s Beacon of Grandeur and Mystery

Perched elegantly on Putnam Street, the Anchorage Mansion is more than just a testament to Marietta’s architectural opulence. This 19th-century Italianate villa, with its imposing structure and rich history, stands as a monument to the town’s affluent past, weaving tales of grandeur, innovation, and enigma.

Architectural Splendor

Constructed in 1859 for Douglas Putnam and his wife Eliza, the Anchorage Mansion is a stellar representation of the Italianate style. Its characteristic brick facade, tall arched windows, and intricate woodwork reflect the aesthetics of the time, presenting a visual treat for architecture enthusiasts.

An Abode of Influential Figures

The mansion’s history is intertwined with some of Marietta’s most prominent figures. Douglas Putnam, a direct descendant of the Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam, was instrumental in the town’s development. The mansion subsequently changed hands to other notable personalities, each leaving their indelible mark on the estate.

Tales of the Paranormal

Beyond its tangible history, the Anchorage Mansion is shrouded in tales of the supernatural. Whispered stories of ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena have added an aura of mystery to the mansion. Over the years, this has drawn paranormal enthusiasts and investigators, eager to unravel the mansion’s ethereal secrets.

Restoration and Preservation

Recognizing its historic significance, dedicated efforts have been made to restore and preserve the Anchorage Mansion. Local organizations and community members have worked tirelessly to ensure that the mansion’s grandeur is retained, making it a living testament to Marietta’s rich cultural heritage.

Tours and Events

Guided tours of the mansion offer a deep dive into its history, architecture, and the legends that surround it. Knowledgeable guides enhance the experience, sharing anecdotes, facts, and perhaps a ghost story or two.

Beyond regular tours, the mansion serves as a venue for various events, from cultural gatherings to themed nights that celebrate its paranormal allure.

Art and Exhibitions

Occasionally, the mansion’s grand halls play host to art exhibitions, showcasing the works of local artists. These events not only celebrate the region’s artistic talent but also highlight the mansion’s enduring role as a cultural hub.


The Anchorage Mansion is more than just an architectural marvel; it’s a tapestry of stories, spanning the realms of history, art, and the supernatural. A visit to this historic estate offers a multifaceted experience, blending the tangible beauty of its design with the intangible allure of its legends. As Marietta continues to evolve, the Anchorage Mansion stands steadfast, a beacon of the town’s vibrant past and its promising future.

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