Belpre, OH

Belpre, Ohio: A City Where History Meets the Beauty of the Ohio River

Belpre, Ohio, nestled on the banks of the Ohio River across from Parkersburg, West Virginia, is a city rich in historical significance and natural beauty. As one of the oldest settlements in Ohio, Belpre offers a unique glimpse into the region’s past while providing a serene and picturesque setting for its residents and visitors.

A Storied Past and Community Spirit

Founded in 1789, Belpre’s history is integral to the narrative of early American frontier life. The city’s heritage is preserved in its historical landmarks and the stories passed down through generations. This deep sense of history is a source of pride for the residents, who cherish their city’s past and work together to maintain its historic charm.

Natural Beauty and Recreation

Belpre’s location along the Ohio River provides a stunning backdrop for the city and a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The river offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and leisurely walks along its banks. Civitan Park, a local favorite, provides spaces for picnics, sports, and family gatherings, emphasizing Belpre’s commitment to community and outdoor living.

Education and Family Life

The city of Belpre is dedicated to providing quality education, with schools that prioritize student achievement and well-being. The family-friendly atmosphere is evident in the city’s safe neighborhoods, community events, and the emphasis on creating a nurturing environment for young residents.

Local Economy and Businesses

While honoring its past, Belpre has also adapted to the modern economy. The city is home to a variety of businesses, from local shops and restaurants to larger commercial enterprises. These businesses contribute to the city’s economic vitality and provide employment opportunities for the local community.

Cultural Richness

Belpre enriches its community with cultural events and festivals, such as the Belpre Homecoming Festival, which celebrates the city’s heritage and brings together residents and visitors for entertainment and camaraderie. The city also benefits from proximity to larger cultural hubs like Marietta and Parkersburg, offering residents easy access to a broader array of arts, entertainment, and cultural experiences.

A Welcoming Community

Belpre is known for its welcoming and friendly community. The city’s small size fosters close relationships among residents and a supportive environment where neighbors look out for each other, adding to the appeal of small-town living.


Belpre, Ohio, is a city that beautifully blends its historical roots with the scenic beauty of the Ohio River and the warmth of a close-knit community. It offers a peaceful, family-friendly environment enriched by its history and natural surroundings. Whether as a place to call home or a destination to visit, Belpre presents a charming and inviting atmosphere that captivates all who experience it.

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