Children’s Toy and Doll Museum

Children’s Toy and Doll Museum: A Portal to Childhood Nostalgia

Tucked away in the heart of Marietta, the Children’s Toy and Doll Museum beckons visitors to take a delightful journey back in time. Housing an extensive collection of toys, dolls, and childhood memorabilia, this enchanting establishment captures the essence of yesteryears, evoking feelings of nostalgia and wonder.

A Treasure Trove of Playthings

With exhibits spanning multiple eras, the museum offers a comprehensive look into the evolution of toys and dolls. From handcrafted wooden toys of the 1800s to the more modern action figures of the late 20th century, every artifact tells a story of its time.

Dolls from Around the World

One of the museum’s highlights is its diverse collection of dolls. Representing different cultures, traditions, and eras, these dolls offer a visual narration of global histories. Exquisite porcelain dolls, vibrant rag dolls, and intricately designed figurines – each has its tale of craftsmanship and tradition.

Interactive Exhibits

Understanding the importance of play in learning, the museum features several interactive exhibits. Young visitors can try their hands at vintage games, explore toy train setups, or even engage in puppetry. These hands-on experiences not only entertain but also educate about the history and mechanics of these timeless playthings.

Workshops and Events

The Children’s Toy and Doll Museum is not just a place of observation; it’s a hub of activity. Regularly scheduled workshops teach kids (and adults!) the art of doll-making, toy crafting, and even board game design. Seasonal events, often themed around holidays, bring the community together in a celebration of play and imagination.

A Testament to Craftsmanship

Beyond the sheer joy they provide, many of the items on display are testaments to impeccable craftsmanship. Hand-painted details, intricate sewing, and meticulous assembly – these aspects underscore the dedication and artistry that went into creating toys and dolls before the age of mass production.

Planning Your Visit

The museum, with its vast collection, deserves unhurried exploration. Friendly guides, well-versed in toy history, are available to enrich the experience with anecdotes and insights. A special section of the museum also houses a gift shop, where visitors can purchase replicas of vintage toys, books, and other memorabilia.


The Children’s Toy and Doll Museum in Marietta is more than just a repository of objects; it’s a celebration of childhood, artistry, and human ingenuity. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a toy collector, or someone simply looking to relive fond memories, this museum promises an experience that warms the heart and kindles the imagination.

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