Hidden Marietta Tour Co.

Hidden Marietta Tour Co: Unraveling the Mysteries of a Historic Town

In the heart of Marietta, where tales of old merge seamlessly with the vibrancy of the present, the Hidden Marietta Tour Co offers a unique perspective of the town’s storied past. Far from being a traditional sightseeing expedition, these tours guide visitors through lesser-known narratives, eerie legends, and captivating history.

A Different Kind of Expedition

Hidden Marietta Tour Co is not your usual walk around the town pointing out historic buildings. Instead, it delves deeper, uncovering stories that are often missed in standard historical recounts:

  • Ghost Tours: Nighttime journeys that explore Marietta’s haunted past, visiting places of rumored paranormal activity and recounting tales of the unexplained.

  • Historical Walks: Delve into the lesser-known tales of Marietta’s rich history, from its pioneering days to its growth as a prominent river town.

  • Specialty Tours: Occasionally, the company offers themed tours focusing on specific events or periods in Marietta’s history, providing an in-depth look at particular moments in time.

Engaging Storytelling

What sets Hidden Marietta Tour Co apart is its commitment to storytelling. Tour guides are not just well-versed in facts but are adept at weaving tales that captivate and engage. As you walk the streets, alleyways, and byways of Marietta, these narratives come alive, transporting you back in time.

Interactive Experiences

Beyond listening to tales, visitors often get the chance to interact with the past. Using historical records, old photographs, and sometimes even technological tools like ghost hunting equipment, the tours become immersive experiences that resonate long after they’re over.

Community Involvement

The Hidden Marietta Tour Co is deeply rooted in the local community. By working closely with historians, paranormal researchers, and local enthusiasts, the company ensures that its tours are both accurate and respectful of Marietta’s heritage.

Planning Your Adventure

Tours are generally designed to be accessible for all age groups, though certain ghost tours may be more suitable for an older audience. Checking the schedule in advance and booking early is advisable, especially during peak tourist seasons.


Marietta, with its rich history and myriad tales, deserves to be explored beyond its surface. The Hidden Marietta Tour Co offers just that – a deeper, more nuanced understanding of a town that has stood the test of time. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of ghostly tales or the charm of forgotten history, these tours promise an experience that is both enlightening and enthralling.

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